Company Profile

Tunglip Precision Industry is a one-stop engineering solutions provider for the diversified requirements on precision components involving CNC turning and milling machining processes. Since established on year 1995, we striving towards a shared vision and guided by a common set of core values and beliefs which are the most valuable company assets and ultimate sustainable sources of global competitive advantage.

Building on the benefits and knowledge base associated with our global presence, we work toward best partnerships on a mere common goal, equality, desire and passion. We recognizing the value and need for creating an excellent and efficient customer experience.

Your business is our business.


Strategic location of Malaysia

Located at the Strait of Malaaca, which is a major sea-route connecting the Far East to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and at the heart of ASEAN.

We are just a couple of hours from Johor Port (Pasir Gudang) & Port of Singapore in which your goods can be delivered worldwide with fast efficiency. 




Business Continuity Service

In year 2010, Tunglip Precision Industry expands the business collaboration in Hanoi, Vietnam in order to provide you with an uninterrupted and excellent business service.

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